GB Bobsleigh move up to Bronze as a result of the latest drugs bans from Sochi

It may be almost four years after the event but the British Bobsleigh crew from Sochi in the Four Man event are today celebrating moving up to the bronze medal position after the second Russian crew were removed from the results due to drugs. GBR 1 comprising driver John Jackson and brakemen Bruce Tasker, Stuart Benson and Joel Fearon having initially finished fifth are now expected to be moved up to the Bronze medal.

The results will now see Latvia take the Gold with America taking the silver. The Latvian Team comprised Oskars Melbārdis, Arvis Vilkaste, Daumants Dreiškens and Jānis Strenga.

The United States four-man team of Steven Holcomb, Steven Langton, Curtis Tomasevicz and Christopher Fogt are set to be upgraded to silver. Holcomb tragically died in May.

Performance Director at the time of the 2014 Olympic Games, Gary Anderson commented on the news: “It is bittersweet. The four athletes are in line to be Olympic Medalists, this is something they aimed for and worked towards and deserve the recognition. Unfortunately they did not experience their rightful place on the podium, on the day. We can talk about the programme, what the four years between 2010 – 2014 was like but that is not important. What is important is that John Jackson, Stu Benson, Bruce Tasker and Joel Fearon now get their moment.”