More new snow plays havoc in Tignes with programme

There must be something in the air when a Super G is scheduled at the 2017 Delancey British Championships. For the Senior Championships, the Super G was postponed for a day after 50cm of new snow arrived the day and night before the race and then for the Children’s Championship Super G, fog and more snow combined to allow only the Girl’s Championship race to happen. Sarah Woodward took the top spot ahead of Daisi Daniels with Olivia Foster taking third on the Under 16 podium. Sophie Foster won the Under 14 race with Alexa Elliff taking second and Isla Ward third.

From the outset of the day, conditions were going to be tough. Many coaches put forward the idea of postponing both girls and boys races until the Thursday with both Under 14 and Under 16 Giant Slaloms being held on the Friday. The congestion this would cause did not appeal to the organisers and more snow fell while they discussed what to do.

In getting the Girls race off, the headache of running the Boys race on Thursday followed by the Under 14 GS for both girls and boys became reality. The Under 12 and Under 10 Kombi race will also happen in the morning.

Sarah Woodward put the disappointment of her slalom result out of the memory bank and put down a cracking Super G run to take the win from Daniels, who had won the race outright last year when aged in the younger, Under 14, age group. Woodward was dominant at the English Championships in February and the competition between her and Daniels is great for the future of British racing. With Foster also within touching distance of the two sparring partners, the weather conditions also played a hand in how each racer was able to cope.

Racing in flat light is a real skill and with snow falling and covering up the blue dye that helps the racers to anticipate the bumps down the racing line, this was a tough race for the girls. With conditions worsening after the girls race it was no real surprise to see the Boys race put back until the next day.

Sarah Woodward put in a solid run down the course and her time was almost a second faster than Daniels with Foster 1.30 seconds back from Woodward. Woodward is a strong racer from the Ambition set up, as is Foster and wth Siena Horton finishing in fifth, Ambition had three in the top five. Lois Jackson took fourth. Daniels and Horton will be back next year in under 16 racing while Woodward, Foster and Jackson will all move up to FIS racing.

In the Under 14 race Sophie Foster took a commanding win by just under a second with Alexa Elliff ahead of Isla Ward. Ward in her first year of Children’s racing has really stepped up to the mark and is fast seeing what it takes to catch the older racers. Glesni Catlin and Isabella Watson took fourth and fifth.

It was a shame that the organisers had not taken the weather forecast into account especially after the Under 14 Slalom had taken place in perfect conditions. It is a tough call to satisfy the whole programme.

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