Top ten finishes for speed skier Jan Farrell in Sun Peaks, Canada

British team speed skier Jan Farrell secured two top ten finishes during the World Cup event in Sun Peaks, Canada, as he prepares for the World Championships in Sweden later this month. 
Despite challenging conditions across two days of racing, Farrell managed to complete the course on both occasions with a tenth place (March 6) and a ninth place (March 7).

Farrell commented: “some of us chose better lines than others, but the track was extremely bumpy for everyone, take a look at the videos! In my case I need to put the fears of the past in the rubbish bin and attack the track. I know I can ski better, and this track has always been one of my favourites. I’m heading home now to prepare for the World Championships in Sweden in 2 weeks, I’m very excited, it’ll be a tight race – the field is looking stronger than ever.”

Jan’s coach Diego Schmalzl said: “life is a continuous process of self-discovery; where the mind goes, the body follows. Jan has great potential and we both have the same goal – to improve his performance and reach his maximum potential.”

After a serious crash in March 2016 at 216 KPH, Jan is back on track for improving his speed ahead of the World Championships in Idre Fjäll, Sweden from the 24th to 26th March, 2017. Farrell is looking for a podium place during the event and will be training in Andorra to prepare himself physically and mentally.


March 6, 2017 Sun Peaks – 10th place, category Speed 1 (Speed 140.83 KPH)

March 7, 2017 Sun Peaks – 9th place, category Speed 1 (Speed 158.21 KPH)