New final training run for Men’s Downhill

ST. MORITZ, SWITZERLAND Ð FEBRUARY 09: A general view during the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships Men's and Women's Downhill Training on February 09, 2017 in St. Moritz, Switzerland (Photo by Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom)

After the final Downhill training run had to be cancelled with just 30 racers testing the course, FIS have announced that a new run will happen at 09.30 CET (08.30 GMT) on Friday. The course will NOT be the full course as the Women will be starting their Alpine Combined Downhill run at 10.00. The training run will go as far as the Rominger Jump near the finish.

So what does this mean for team selections? It gives the likes of Romed Baumann, Blaise Giezendanner and others to have missed selection for their National Teams the opportunity to state their claim. Yet for the likes of Vincent Kriechmayr and Matthias Mayer, first and third in Thursday’s training run, will this mean their places are up for grabs again?

For the French team, the selection was decided from the Thursday training run with Brice Roger and Guillermo Fayed joining Adrien Theaux and Johan Clarey. Kriechmayr and Mayer joined Max Franz and Hannes Reichelt in the Austrian Team it has also been announced.

Most of the racers that did not get the Thursday training run are either taking part in the Alpine Combined or are in teams that do not have selection issues.

FIS Director-General Markus Waldner apologized firstly for the premature cancellation of the Training run. “Maybe we decided a bit early, for this I apologize, but I appreciate the positive attitude of all here. When we saw the blue sky, A decision had to be made. ”   

The training was resumed, but after only six further runners the fog came back and interrupted the training run and it was finally called off. All athletes are eligible on Friday for training as well as the 30 who trained on Thursday, Waldner pointed out.