Wind 1, World Cup Ski Racing 0… Courchevel cancelled

COURCHEVEL, FRANCE - DECEMBER 20: Sofia Goggia of Italy competes during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Women's Giant Slalom on December 20, 2016 in Courchevel, France (Photo by Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom)

FIS did all they could to try and run a Giant Slalom in Courchevel but in the end the wind was not willing to give the racers a fair race and after 19 racers, FIS made the call to first delay the race, with a lowered start in an attempt to start almost two hours after the race should have started. Then the decision was made to call the race off all together.

Sofia Goggia had further demonstrated the power of the Italian girls team as she lead Federica Brignone at the time of the race being called off. Marta Bassone was in fourth to give the Italians a one, two four with Nina Loeseth in three and Lara Gut in fifth.

Talking with the Austrian TV station, ORF, Goggia diplomatically agreed that the wind was unfair yet Lara Gut was more vocal as she compared it to going kitesurfing! Even the prospect of the delay to the race did not appeal. Like all fans and competitors of racing, Gut just wanted a fair race. Having set a fantastic time in the top section, the wind wiped all her advantage and more off Gut’s time.

With no chance of the race being rerun on the Wednesday, the Women will reconvene in Semmering after New Year.

So how bad were the conditions. The ski tech for Alex Tilley, Kenny Morton, commented on Facebook that they were not as bad as conditions he had experienced in Scotland sometimes. But when the lift is closed that allows the racers to reach the start, this left FIS with no alternative. A fair race, as per Lara Gut and others comments, was all the racers wanted.