Stars of Tomorrow shine down the daunting Hillend slope

If the older racers faced the Hillend slope with fear, their younger counterparts faced the slope with a smile! Earlier in the summer the Twin Peaks race at Hillend saw the stars of tomorrow race on the second slope but for the Scottish Championships, the Under 12 and Under 10 racers pitted themselves admirably down the same first run courses that their older counterparts raced. And race they did!

The Slalom race saw Claudia Ritchie post the fastest run on both runs, going faster on the second run in the Under 10’s with Christina Dow taking second and Emilia Dempster taking third. Lara Calder and Grace Cameron took fourth and fifth.

The older girls age group saw the top five finishers all go faster on the second run but it was Amy Stokoe, who had failed to post a time on the first run come back on the second run and grab the win. Sophie Anderson edged out the leader after the first run, Erin Ward for second with Lucy Keir and Madison Spence taking fourth and fifth.

Oscar Saddler took the win in the Under 10 boys race but had a nervous wait after posting his faster time on the first run. Saddler has a winning run going at Hillend, having won the Twin Peaks race as well. Luca Anderson and Ian Menzies joined Saddler on the podium with Hugo Haggerty in fourth and Adam Howat in fifth.

Last man down the hill in the Under 12 age group was Lewis Calder and he did not let this distract him as he confidently posted the fastest time on both runs to win the age group. He will be back again in the same age group next year as well! Murdo Watson took second with Arran Dempster in third. Daniel Leitch took fourth with Nathan Smith rounding out the top five.

With much the same weather for the Giant Slalom Lewis Calder was fastest down the hill just ahead of Erin ward. These two were the class acts in their respective age groups. Lewis McKey and Amy Stokoe placed second in the two age groups, taking third and fourth overall as well. Fraser Baggaley and Daniel Leitch took third and fourth in the Under 12 boys before Lucy Keir took third overall in the Under 12 Girls.

Ian Menzies was the fastest of the Under 10 racers, taking 12th Overall with Luca Anderson second in the age group and Oscar Saddler third. Claudia Ritchie was fastest of the Under 10 girls in 21st Overall.

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