Aldershot A Storm their competition at the All England Inter Club Dual Slalom

Aldershot A came out on top in the gripping finals of the All England Inter Club Dual Slalom competition, beating both Midland Bears and Pendle 1 who took second and third place respectively.

It was slightly damp during the day and the course needed fast feet through the middle verticalli before some rhythmical offset turns towards the bottom of the slope. 

Fourteen teams went up against each other in two leagues at the race in Gloucester, with the top eight qualifying for the knockout stages including teams from Pendle, Midlands, Rossendale, Aldershot and Bromley. Each team was made up of four racers with at least one skier of the opposite sex and the competition between them all was strong despite a few hiccups from all the teams. With false starts, straddles and ski’s flying off left right and centre, there was definitely no shortage of action.

Going into the quarter final stages, Midland Bears took on Pendle 2, with Midland Bears taking the win and going on to face Rossendale A in the semis. Aldershot A beat Bromley in the quarter finals but Aldershot B missed out narrowly to Pendle 1 who put in a resilient performance.


Going into the semi’s it was Midland Bears up against Rossendale A and Aldershot A against Pendle 1. In the end it was Midland Bears and Aldershot A that managed to secure places to the final.

As the final was the best of three races, there was a palpable excitement in the air as everyone cheered on their teams, but ultimately only two races took place as Aldershot A, consisting of four strong racers – James Greenwood, Harvey Charlton, Jenny Davies and Craig Speed, took the win. Both teams put up a good fight, but Aldershot A managed to gain a few gates, pushing them just ahead of Midland Bears and storming the competition winning them the first two races against Oliver Weeks, Sam Dewison, Helena Newboult and Thomas Lawrence thus securing their place at the top of the podium.

Pendle 1 placed in third and also made the podium after beating Rossendale A. In the second tier Open team event Loughbrough finished in first place ahead of Gibraltar ski racing with Nationwide SS in third.

Picture – Aldershot A – credit Ffyona Speed