Ross Nesbitt leads a new generation of Scottish Racers in winning at Hillend

Ross Nesbitt produced a performance that was very much worthy of winning the Scottish Dryslope Championships at Hillend. In a year that had no Henderson on the start list and other leading racers from the Scottish scene in the form of Zak Vinter and Euan Kick also not racing, this was one of the most open Championships in years. Nesbitt put in the performance that merited the win and he was joined on the podium by two other rising talents in Scott Waitt and Adam Hay. Ross Taylor and Robbie Anderson rounded out the top five finishers.

Nesbitt is a member of the British Children’s Team but this is the biggest race win of his career to date, The Under 16 racer from Glasgow was the only racer to go under 31 seconds on the first run and this was the basis for his winning performance. With older racers left floundering in his wake, Nesbitt was able to ski with a little caution in mind on the second run.

Ross Taylor had had hopes of looking for the win coming into the race but a poor first run and seen him two-seconds off the pace of Nesbitt. Taylor posted the fastest second run time that saw him jump up from ninth place into fourth. Hillend is one of the few slopes, if not the only, in Britain when you can make serious inroads into a time deficit on the second run. Taylor knew he had nothing to lose after the first run and put an impressive second run together that left him with a ‘what if’ feeling. It takes two runs to win a race but you can lose a race on one run.

A lot had been hoped for Owen Vinter coming into the race but after having broken his wrist racing in the Twin Peaks race in June, this was the first time the Overall Under 16 British Champion had been back on the Hillend slope and maybe he was a little cautious. Vinter will be back and produce bigger performances during the winter you can be assured. A disqualification on the second run was the end of his challenge.

If Under 16 racer Nesbitt was a surprise, Scott Waitt used all the knowledge gained from training with the EDEP group during the winter to good use in taking second overall. Waitt has returned from racing in his first FIS races this summer and is now showing the promise from the hard work he has been putting in. The Edinburgh based racer is definitely one to watch this winter after putting some solid FIS results in Thredbo this summer.

Adam Hay was another to raise his game for the Scottish Dryslope races and he only raced in two snow races in Europe last winter, finishing tenth in the Slalom at Les Houches as well as 17th and 23rd in the Giant Slalom. The promise is definitely there for the future. It is great for the sport that racers come into results from off the radar.

The second run was a much tighter affair with Taylor posting a much improved time but he had too much to catch up to make the podium. The future of the sport in Scotland is looking very bright with the new generation of racers coming through.

The age groups were won by Under 14 – Robbie Anderson (5th Overall); Under 16 – Ross Nesbitt (Race winner); Under 18 – Scott Waitt (2nd Overall); Under 21 – Ryan Jamieson (15th Overall) and Seniors – Ross Taylor (4th Overall).

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Picture – Ross Nesbitt – credit Racer Ready – all rights reserved

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