Bozier wins female All England title

Hannah Bozier of Aldershot Ski Race Club won the overall 2016 All England title at Gloucester.

There were 49 female racers all competing for one of the biggest prizes on the artificial ski circuit. Gloucester is a challenging slope due to its length and bumpy terrain. For the majority of the day there was a constant downpour of rain making the slope fast but not grippy. 

Local Gloucester coach Richard Lambden set the first course of the day. The course had an early hairpin at the top of the course followed by a few tight offset turns going into a verticalli over the flat middle section of the slope. The rest of the course had a relentless corridor of gates that varied in width and distance.

Nicole Shering of Snowtrax was the first real contender for the overall to tackle the first run of the All England championship race. Shering has been a regular top performer on the dryslope circuit this year. An aggressive top section followed by a smooth set of turns got her a time of 20.63 seconds.

Both Georgia Hallett of Gloucester and Lauren Vale of Chatham made unfortunate major mistakes towards the bottom section of the course which bled time on their first runs. Both have had good results this season but it wasn’t a great start to the race for either of them.

Bozier dropped out of the start gate and picked up a lot of speed through the top combinations with her narrow footed style and tight line. She managed to navigate the hard bottom section cleanly and went over the line with a good amount of momentum. Bozier took the lead with a time of 20.01. A very impressive time.

Next challenger was Jenny Davies of Aldershot. Davies won the All England at Sunderland last year and was gunning to defend her title. A very smooth top section gave her good amount of speed through the middle part of the course. Through the bottom corridor Davies glided through and finished just behind Bozier with a time of 20.52.

Jessica Mayhew of Midlands and Lois Jackson of Ravens finished fourth and fifth after the first run but were at least half a second off the podium place. The top three of Bozier, Davies and Shering was where the race was hotting up. Both Davies and Shering would have to pull out stunning runs to overtake Bozier without her skiing out or making a big mistake.

Second run was set by Sunderland coach Lee Bennett. A rhythmical set of offset gates were at the top half of the course follow by a slight diagonal verticali. This led into a undergate that brought the skier back to the middle of the slope. More offset turns that gradually increased in width finished off the course.

Hallett had much better second run which brought her up the order but it wasn’t long till Jackson had a solid second run time of 20.42 to take the lead with a combined time of 42.05.

Next up was Shering who flowed through the top section with great ease and aggression. A slight check on the undergate may have slowed her time slightly but she finished with an impressive time of 19.86 that gave her a combined time of 40.52.

Davies took to the course next. The Aldershot racer was visibly slower on the top section and slid around the undergate section of the course. Despite this she powered through the last few turns to get a time of 20.22 giving her a combined total of 40.69, which meant Shering moved up a place in the standings.

Bozier had over six tenths advantage going into her second run. She increased this with another clean and tightly executed run without any major mistakes. The Aldershot racer finished the run with a time of 19.52 giving her a winning total of 39.54. Bozier won the All England for the second time in her dryslope career ahead of Shering in second and Davies in third.

The Gloucester race saw a great battle between many different types of skier through challenging courses. The rain played havoc with some of the racers but it was great to see not many ski outs in the women race.

Age group winners: 

U14: Ella Giles (Midlands)

U16: Lois Jackson (Ravens)

U18: Nicole Shering (Snowtrax)

U21: Hannah Bozier (Aldershot)

SEN: Kelly Wiseman (Pendle)

MAS: Sarah Campbell-Woodward

Picture: Hannah Bozier – Credit Racer Ready / Ffyona Speed – all rights reserved

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