Cara Brown updates on her rehab from knee injury

Coming back from a knee injury can be the hardest time for an athlete. When you start to read of your fellow athletes going off on summer camps and you are stuck in the gym getting your strength back, it is hard. Cara Brown injured her knee forerunning at the end of last season yet, ever positive, she is now well on the way to recovery.

Brown explains what she has been up to: “It has been 11 weeks since my operation and my knee is doing extremely well. I have been working really hard in the gym to rebuild my leg strength and I have also started going out on a road bike 5 times a week. When I do get to put my skis back on I will definitely be stronger than I was at the end of last season!

“I have spent 6 weeks in the British Olympic rehab centre at Bisham Abbey and I have also been continuing my rehab at home in Italy.”
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Picture: Cara Brown on her way to winning the Overall Title at the Delancey British Alpine Championships in 2016. Credit Racer Ready – all rights reserved (