Sharing and Weeks take top spots

At the Club National race in Gloucester, there was plenty of excitement as the racing got underway. Despite some intermittent downpours of rain, the racers did not stop pushing themselves to get the fastest times possible. This resulted in a couple of crashes but also produced some very fast times. The racers, as always, were cheered on by onlookers from the side of the slope, creating a great sporting atmosphere.

The race format for the Club National for U14’s to Masters took the form of the best time from either the first or second run which was then combined with the racers third run time to give an overall time. For U10’s and U12’s, the format was their best time out of all three runs.

For the ladies racing, Nicole Shering took the top spot coming in first place with a combined run time of 38.07 and a great second run time of 18.81. She was closely followed by Jenny Davies who claimed second place with a combined time of 39.50 and Ellie Jackson who went on to take third place with a combined run time of 41.44.

In the men’s racing, it was Oliver Weeks who claimed first place with a great combined time of 34.74, boasting two impressive run times of 17.37. Following closely behind him was David Hatcher who gained a combined run time of 35.36 and taking third place was Callum Witts with his time of 35.41 – some great racing all round.

The U10 and U12 ladies racing was, again, fierce but it was Lauren Bloom who took first with a time of 19.97, pipping Charlotte Holmes to the post who came in second with a time of 20.03. In third place was Jolie Hoffman-Little who got a time of 20.59.

For the U10 and U12 men, in first place was Charlie Deem who got a run time of 20.53. Second and third place were very close, but in the end it was Leo Sydenham who took second place with his time of 21.06 followed closely behind by Harry Duncan who got a run time of 21.10.

The age group winners for the Gloucester Club National Race are as follows:
Masters – Sarah Campbell-Woodward
Senior – Claudette Povey
U21 – Jenny Davies
U18 – Nicole Shering
U16 – Ellie Jackson
U14 – Ella Giles
U12 – Lauren Bloom
U10 – Amber Fennell


Masters – David Hatcher
Seniors – Christopher Corr
U21 – Callum Witts
U18 – Jonathan Bingham
U16 – Oliver Weeks
U14 – Jack Upton
U12 – Charlie Deem
U10 – Liam Atkinson

Words Ffyona Speed