Shering and Hatcher take the spoils in Southampton

Plenty of racers turned out for this weekend’s Club National race in Southampton. With the climbing temperatures and the sun shining, everyone was ready and rearing to go. Despite the temperature getting ever higher and a few falls and tumbles, this didn’t discourage the determined racers which resulted in some great race times being pulled out of the bag. 

The format of the race for U14’s to Masters consisted of the best of each racer’s first two runs combined with their third run time and the U10 and U12’s comprised of their best run out of their three.

Nicole Shering took first place for the females with an overall time of 21.93 and a first run time of 10.92, which remained unbeaten throughout the course of the day. Eva Pascoe came in second with an overall time of 22.83 beating Jessica Tubbs and pushing her into third place by one hundredth of a second in a close fought race.

In the male category, David Hatcher took the lead after the first run with James Greenwood close behind, again, by a hundredth of a second. Craig Speed, last down the slope, attempted to catch the leaders and gained third position on the leader board. During the next two runs everyone vied for position, with David Hatcher securing first place with a combined time of 20.53, followed by James Greenwood in second with a time of 20.61 and Craig Speed retaining third with a time of 20.90.

In the U10 and U12 categories, the competition was equally as fierce with each racer hoping to secure a podium finish. Harry Duncan from the U12’s came out on top with his final run time of 11.80, closely followed by India Dusanjh Auty who took second with a time of 12.23 which pushed Ben Brown into third with a time of 12.31. In the U10 category, Amber Fennell placed first, racing well with a time of 12.24, and was quickly followed by Liam Atkinson and his time of 12.41. Daisy Putman went on to take third with her time of 13.58.

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Words and picture: Ffyona Speed

Picture – David Hatcher on his way to winning the Southampton Club National