According to the Chalet Ski Stats Report 2015*, easyJet, British Airways and Swiss were named as the most popular scheduled airlines for skiers. Therefore Airport Parking & Hotels (APH) has created a guide comparing airline policies for flying with ski and snowboard equipment to help savvy skiers plan ahead. The research can be found in the Know Before You Go section of the APH website at   

The research compares the policies of 17 airlines, including British Airways, easyJet, and Virgin Atlantic, for travelling with ski and snowboard equipment such as size and weight restrictions and any additional costs incurred for travelling with sports items.

Of the 17 airlines researched, 12 airlines that include Air Canada, Delta Air Lines and Emirates offer an option for ski equipment to be taken as part of the normal baggage allowance on an economy class ticket. However, passengers should keep in mind the individual destination they are visiting may have differing policies that vary depending on where the traveller is flying to. For example, Air Canada allows skis and snowboards to be carried at no extra charge for flights between Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but for flights between Canada and the US baggage fees may apply.

When it comes to airlines that charge for carrying ski equipment, bmi Regional, easyJet, Flybe, Jet2 and Monarch all imposed a fee for carrying sports equipment. The fee varies between airlines, with Monarch charging from £20 per set per sector when pre-booked to bmi Regional and Flybe’s charge of £30 per item of equipment.

In terms of size restrictions, those travelling with Air France or KLM should be aware that skis or snowboards should be packed in a travel case that does not exceed 300cm in length. However, for those travelling with British Airways this restriction is 190cm in length.

Whilst everyone knows it is much more cost effective to pre-book luggage, two airlines researched in the study – Flybe and Jet2 – make it a requirement for travellers to pre-book their sports equipment in advance, and with Flybe, there is a limit to the number of skis that can be carried per flight depending on the aircraft used.  Passengers travelling with Lufthansa should note that their equipment will be carried by the airline as a bulky item.

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