And then the sun shone…

After the bad weather of Day 1 of the Artemis British Ski Academy races, the weather came out to play for day two of the racing. With the improved weather, the standard of racing went up another notch as well! Daisi Daniels, Siena Horton, Diaco Abrishami, Barnaby Gray, Alicja Krahelski and Owen Vinter took the race spoils….

Daisi Daniels and Siena Horton are the two class acts of the U14 Girls at the Artemis British Ski Academy races and they showed once again that the two of them will be battling things out this season. In race two the honours were split in terms of race wins with Daniels winning the first race comfortably before Horton raised her game on run two to take the win. Daniels had enough in reserve to take her second win overall. Anna Caldwell again took third place in both races with Rebecca Chastney placing fourth in the first race and Isabelle Lander fourth in the second race. Milly Cowell was fifth in the first race, Alexa Eliff fifth in the second. Chastney taking fourth overall and Giselle Gorringe fifth.

Robert Holmes took a commanding lead in the first race of the U14 Boys race ahead of Diaco Abrishami with Joseph Christey in third. the second race saw Holmes crash out while Abrishami finished but way off the pace. This allowed Barnaby Gray to win the second race and take the overall win. Ross Nesbitt took second in the second race with Thomas Rampton in third place. Gray had placed fourth in the first race just ahead of Tom Butterworth. In the second race, Scott Johns and Sebastien Avent filled out the top five. Overall, Gray took the win with Christey taking second and Louis de Pourtales taking third (having placed seventh and sixth in the two races). James Gillett (eighth and tenth) took fourth overall and Tom Butterworth (fifth and fifteenth) fifth overall.

Day two was not quite as dominating for Alicja Krahelski as Hannah Loeffen-Gallagher pushed her closer in the U16 Girls race. Megan Riley was third overall and on both runs. Hannah Gray had a better day as she took fourth overall ahead of Lucy Bingle-Williams. Sarah Glasgow was the best of the younger year group in sixth overall. Victoria McKinley had been in fifth after the first run but had trouble on the second run to drop out of the running for the overall positions.

Having had trouble with the last gate in the first slalom, Owen Vinter showed just how strong a skier he is this season in taking the Overall win in the U16 Boys race as well as winning both runs ahead of Charlie Luke. Scott Waitt showed real character in taking third place overall ahead of Charles Rankin and Oliver Weeks. With a strong group of racers in this age group, they keep pushing each other and this can only be good for the group as a whole. Fourth to eighth overall was separated by two seconds. Tom Hudson was challenging the best in the group but crashed out on the second run.

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