The grand finale of the British Indoor racing season the BARSC pro Slalom team championships.

18 teams, 72 competitors 150 spectators

First, the qualifying stage 18 teams racing for the best aggregate time on two identical courses. 

Lions A followed by Midland A and SZ Racing Ferrari took the first three qualifying places in the club event in a closely fought battle with Midland B less than a tenth of a second per racer behind in fourth place.

Manchester University A led their fellow students Manchester University B in the open category.

Individual best times for the male racers were David Freeman (Lions), Danial Symonds (Manchester University) Oliver Bridge (Manchester Ski Racing) and Ollie Weeks (Midland), female Georgia Hallett    (Manchester University) Nia Jenkins (Manchester University) and Rachel Symons (Manchester University). In the U12 age groups Jack Upton (Midland) Lucas Ellis (Lions) and Kieran Woolley (Midland) led the males with Charlotte Holmes (SZ Racing), Anna Kamaly-Asl (Manchester Ski Racing) and Grace Bennett (Lions) leading for the females.

Then then the head to head, four racers, 16 teams in the club competition. One run to decide the fate of each team, a false start or a missed gate and it would all be over. Lions A and SZ Racing Ferrari make it to the 3 run final, after two runs they are equal with one win each. It all depended on the final run and Lions A won to become the 2015 BARSC Club champions while Manchester Ski Racing D won the small final on the their home slope and took the third place trophy and bronze medals.

Manchester University Ski Club A vanquished Manchester University Ski Club B in the open competition and then vanquished Lions A in a final ski off.

BARSC Club Team

1st Lions A                                David Freeman, Elliot Bennett, Lucas Ellis, Kirsten Walton

2nd SZ Ferrari                           Lloyd Chapman, Roberts Holmes, Edward Fisher, Lucy Bennett

3rd Manchester Ski Racing D    Oliver Bridge, Dominic Bridge, Charles Muston, Anna Kamaly-Asl

BARSC Open Team

1st Manchester Uni S.C. A        Daniel Symons, Georgia Hallett, Nia Jenkins, Rachel Symons