What are the plans for the next eight years for Team BSS?

As British Ski and Snowboard (BSS) continues to make steps towards more World Class performances and Olympic medals, the Board of BSS has published a strategy document which looks at the main focus and aims of the National Governing Body over the next eight years. …

With the long-term objective of BSS to become a world leading high performance organisation, the strategy outlines five key areas of work, or ‘strategic pillars’, which will be the focus for the organisation over the next eight years. These are ‘leadership and people’, ‘partners and profile’, ‘governance and process’, ‘performance’ and ‘pathways’.

The next steps are that each Discipline Committee is now working on individual plans and key performance indicators which will help drive the overall strategy of BSS. Once submitted, these discipline plans will be reviewed and once finalised, will dictate the roles and responsibilities of each discipline committee.

BSS are grateful to the volunteers on the Discipline Committees for the work that they are undertaking to translate the strategy in to action.

A copy of the full BSS strategy document can be found here.

BSS Press Release

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