DELANCEY look to embrace the youth with winter sports

Main sponsor of British Ski and Snowboard, Delancey, have undertaken a great new initiative to embrace and encourage the next generation of winter sports athletes with a Schools Tour. The video looks at athletes from all the disciplines under the British Ski and Snowboard umbrella including the disabled team and is looking at encouraging more people of all ages to get involved. … 

One of the key messages is “It does not matter how you do it, just do it.” 

The link with Snowcamp is also a big plus factor for the whole industry. If you have the determination, you can do it is a core message from the video and something that Delancey are very keen to get across.

The likes of Jenny Jones, Chemmy Alcott, Charlie Guest, current British Champion Cara Brown as well as Charlotte Evans from the Disabled team have all taken part in the video along with British Speed racer Dougie Crawford.

Delancey are hoping to take this video to schools across the UK to inspire more young children to get involved, whatever their background. If you know a school that might like to see the video, let Delancey know.

As well as inspiring young people to get involved in snowsports across the UK, Delancey hope this programme will help to increase media attention and ultimately drive greater support for the sport.

Have a watch, get inspired and get involved!

Click here to watch the video