Update from BARSC Races

News from the forthcoming BARSC Races:

All details about the BARSC races  is being put on dropbox …

Results from BARSC

The link to full dropbox folder is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xw4xb86amkolm34/AADr4y1OwP1nC990iltm6QLca?dl=0

This gives access to the three day folders and some other bits and pieces.

The direct link to day 1 with GS results is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qtjea6w443nibs8/AAD5ug7FA-htPSg85lm3OLz3a?dl=0

Link to day 2 Slalom https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l0xlbfo61tbw0oq/AABu5fBKQRaePR7FR23sgqLqa?dl=0  and

The link to day 3 Kombi is  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qfbgfv7hrqh6jj6/AADvWCz1uvGVuhovqMflQdqVa?dl=0


In addition I am asking if you can publicise Update 3 It is on dropbox but I have a very flaky connection so am not attaching it, you can download it from https://www.dropbox.com/s/6js2n798az4fpt1/Update%203.pdf?dl=0 I hope!

I have posted this on face book

“Conditions on the roads are really difficult, emergency accommodation has been opened in Chambery. Bon chance to everyone out there.

Update 3 has just been uploaded to dropbox. Please read and circulate the information. The programme was changed as I indicated on Xmas day. We still plan a TCM today but accept that conditions may make this difficult for people so no one will be pulled because they are not present. We will hold another one on Sunday as advertised”

BARSC races to move to Tignes due to poor snow at Les Arcs (BARSC Update 2) …

In view of the current snow conditions BARSC pulled forward their consultation with Les ARCS. “Les Arcs have been very clear, unless there is a major dump giving a base that can be consolidated they do not believe that they will be able to offer us a suitable race piste,” Derek Metters explained. “After discussion with the resort and with others, we have made the decision to relocate to Tignes Val Claret which is substantially higher than les ARCS. Stade de Lognan is the piste we will be using and I understand that this is the same one that it is intended to use for the British at Easter. It was dumping snow in Tignes this afternoon so that looks positive at the moment.”

The programme remains the same (subject to the weather) but activity on 1st January is still to be confirmed. The organisers will have another conference on 24th or 25th December or earlier if necessary and post any changes as and when possible.

The travel implications are that it is about 35/40 minutes from Bourg and another 20 from les Arcs.

The update gives the details that have provisionally been agreed and of possible travel options.

In view of the conditions currently prevalent throughout the western Alps the ROC will consider, and may accept, late entries from other athletes.

BARSC are very grateful to les ARCS for their support and understanding and to Tignes to agreeing to host the races at short notice.

Update 1: Update1

Acceptance list: Acceptance bull pdf_DGM