Lambden overcomes nerves to win British Dryslope Title

Sarah Lambden has often been on the cusp of winning only to psych herself out of the win yet in Pontypool for the British Championships, she over came her nerves and worry to win the race. Alice Hales recovered from the huge crash she had in the Welsh Championship race to take second with the new Welsh Championship winner, Jenny Davies, taking third. Olivia ward and Grace Williams rounded out the top five finishers. …

While Hales had the physical problems, Lambden struggles at times to believe in her own ability. Lambden, a Liverpool Hope University student is one of the smoothest and fastest dry slope skiers of the moment. She skied intelligently down the first run, that had been set by her brother, to open up a lead of just over half a second over the rest of the field that was lead by Hales.

After her huge fall in the previous days race, the fact that Alice Hales made the start was impressive enough. The Masters student from Wales though is made of tough stuff and although she had trouble holding on to her stick, so vital at Pontypool to get the momentum going across the flat section at the top, Hales knows how to get her skis running fast over the dendix matting.

While these two were battling it out for the overall win, Jenny Davies’s confidence was on a real high after her win in the Welsh Championship the day before. The Aldershot racer was in a class of her own as she chased the older two racers while keeping ahead of the rest of the field on the first run.

Although Hales pulled a small amount of time back on Lambden on the second run, Lambden had too much to spare to hold on for the British Title. With these two out in front the rest of the field did not change after the first run either.

There were also age group wins for Lily Martin (under 14); Olivia Ward (Under 16); Annie Usher (Under 18); Sarah Lambden (Under 21) and Alice Hales (Senior).

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Picture: Sarah Lambden on her way to winning the British Dry Slopes Title at Pontypool, Credit: Racer Ready, all rights reserved

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