British Ski & Snowboard announce result of Malcolm Erskines appeal

Members of British Ski and Snowboard have been informed that the appeal that was held on September 17 regarding the appeal by Malcolm Erskine regarding his sacking from the Alpine, Speed and Telemark Commmittee Chair position, has failed. On 19 September, members of the BSS were informed by the BSS. The statement from the BSS reads: …

Failure of Appeal

BSS can confirm that Malcolm Erskine made an appeal against his dismissal as Chair of the Alpine, Speed and Telemark committee. This appeal was heard on 17th September and the appeal was unsuccessful.

The appeals panel, which was approved by both BSS and Mr Erskine’s representatives, as an independent panel, was made up of three people with no connections to British Ski and Snowboard: Sean Jones QC – Chair of the Appeals panel, Danielle Oudkerk QC and Mel Stephens – Director Reebok International. Mr Erskine was represented by Nick de Marco who was instructed by the Solicitors, Himsworths. BSS was represented by Sean Wilken QC who was instructed by Macfarlanes.

An election will take place for a new Chair of the Alpine, Speed and Telemark (ATSC) committee. The Alpine Business Group and the ATSC committee will be meeting in the very near future to agree the process and timescales for the election. The details will be published on the BSS website as soon as they are agreed. BSS hopes that all those members who voted in the last election, and those that did not, will be able to unite behind a new candidate who will bring energy and fresh ideas to the role. 

Racer Ready understands that Malcolm Erskine will be releasing a statement over the weekend with his reaction to this decision.