Poth holds off Vinter in exciting British Indoors Championship race

Robert Poth, one of the exciting new talents that emerged from the FIS racing last season, just held off Zak Vinter, the exciting new talent from this season already, in one of the most exciting Indoor races for many a year. It looked as though … Euan Kick would make it a double victory weekend for himself after taking the lead on the first run but a mistake on the second saw him ski out letting in Poth and Vinter with Matthew Thompson for third, just over a quarter of a second back. Robert Trebilcock and Chris Corr tied for fourth place.

The summer racing scene is starting to attract some of the exciting emerging talent that Britain has. Kick, Vinter, Poth to name but three are regular names on the start list and while some may argue that the Indoor scene lacks the atmosphere of the outdoor races of yesteryear, there can be no doubt that the young racers are matching the performances of the likes of Georgie Hunt, Adam Lee (Ravens version not the Midlands racer currently racing) and Dave Ryding amongst others. The Indoor scene is fast catching on as the place to be for those racers serious about taking their racing to a higher level.

Kick has put in some solid performances this year and the results have come and lead after the first run by nine hundredths from ex british team racer Matt Thompson with the emerging stars in Robert Poth and  Zak Vinter behind him. It was close, it was exciting and it was what ski racing is all about. Eight racers went under the fifteen second marker meaning the second run would be a pressure cooker: who would blink first.

First of the leading racers to go was Daniel Poth who had tied with Thomas Grant after the first run. although both were not that far off the lead from the firs run, neither could replicate the form that had got them so close to the lead on the second run. Tied after the first run, they were just two hundredths between them after the second run, with Grant edging the advantage but both behind Olly Farr, Declan Huppach and Sam Carson who had all posted excellent second run times.

Robert Trebilcock was next up and his advantage over Farr who lead in the finish was  just under half a second and too much for Farr to stay in the lead. Could he though stay in the lead with five still to go?

Chris Corr had a mere five hundredths over Trebilcock and while Corr is one of the more accomplished Dry slope racers at the moment, he is fast improving on the Indoor surface as well. Five hundredths was the lead and when he crossed the line, he had lost them but tied with Trebeilcock, we had joint leaders!

Zak Vinter was next down and put in a real statement of intent: this was a fast run, almost a second faster than Corr had managed. this was the form that had seen Vinter score such impressive results in the FIS slaloms in Australia. Vinter was a man on a mission as he grabbed the lead with both hands. Three racers still stood at the start however!

With the slenderest of advantages over his friend and rival, Robert Poth, knew that he had to lay something special down as well. it is moments like this that make the Indoor racing, and ski racing in general, such an exciting sport: Poth knew he could not afford to make any mistakes if he wanted to take the lead, let alone win the race with two racers still to come after him. With those in the finish area watching and the gallery watching intently, Poth blasted out of the start and laid his soul on the line to post the same time as Vinter. Advantage Poth by three hunderdths of a second.

Next up was Matt Thomson. Thompson will be heading off to join the military soon yet still has great skills on the slalom skis. While he did not quite match the rising starts, he gave many of the others watching a lesson in racing and posted the third fastest time to move into third with one to go. Great racing.

With just Euan Kick at the start and the rest of the Chill Factore crowd watching, Kick looked to be on his way to another win until he made a mistake five gates from home and the frustration of not making the finish was quietly heard! Kick wanted the win and it meant a lot to him not to make it.

So Robert Poth secured the win and the title of British Indoor Champion. great racing to witness and shows that Britain has got some exciting talent coming through. Now if only British Commercial interests could be persuaded to support them….

There were age group wins for Owen Vinter (Under 14, 16th Overall); Declan Huppach (Under 16, 7th Overall); Robert Poth (Under 18, Race Winner); Chris Corr (Under 21, 4th equal Overall); Matt Thompson (Senior, 3rd Overall) and Alex Molliex in the Masters.

Results: British Indoor 2014 results

Picture: Robert Poth on his way to winning the British Indoor Championship. Picture Racer Ready, all rights reserved

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