Charging Tilley gives Coach Moser huge satisfaction

It was so close to a truly epic result yet the fact that a small error cost Delancey British Alpine Ladies Ski Team racer, Alex Tilley, dearly did not overly concern her coach Stefan Moser. As Moser and the rest of the team prepared to fly back to Europe … at the end of the summer camp, Moser reflected: “Was awesome to watch her giving it a full charge also in the steeper and difficult sections.” Tilley posted a time six tenths off Austrian World Cup racer Eva Maria Brem’s first run time before a huge error cost her all the speed that she had built up for the last five gates.

Moser felt that the second run had been “her best slalom skiing” he had seen. “She was attacking every single gate,” he added, “Great skiing in the end and found trust in what she can do.”

“Could be key experience for the future,” Moser felt, “She did finally what I always pray and just didn t hold back at all.”

While Tilley recovered to finish fourth in the race, Moser felt that this could have been so much better. “It easier said but than done but yeah she found that switch once so hopefully it s gonna happen more often in the future.”

While it was a day of so nearly for Tilley, for Charlie Guest and Darcie Mead, Moser commented: “Charlie was trying but didn t let it flow which then results in skiing to controlled, straddled second run, Darcie had a good go but came out first run.”

Moser was philosophical regarding the outcome of this race: It is a “Thin line and not easy to find the right mixture of control and risk every day, sometimes you try as hard as you can but things just don’t work. Other days it just works and you dont know why even.”

Rachelle Rogers was also competing in the race commenting after the first run: “Considering the level of the field and the significant mistakes I made in several places, the time off the lead for 1st run isn’t bad. Had some fast decent skiing between so I’m pleased,” then adding after the second run “I hammered the second run, really good skiing. but fell on the flat in a verticale. I hiked and finished. Ok didn’t get results but really pleased with the skiing. bring on the winter!”

Indeed, bring on the winter!




Picture: Alex Tilley competing in the Levi WC Slalom in November, credit Zoom Agence