Geyer and Ryding back from training in Germany

Britain’s top two Slalom ski racers, Dave Ryding and Jai Geyer, have just spent two weeks training at an Indoor snowhall in Germany. Ryding has said many times that he enjoys having other British racers training with him and the recent Alpine Gathering event helped to raise money to allow Jai Geyer the opportunity to train alongside Ryding. … 

Geyer explained: “I had a successful two weeks training in Germany, at Wittenburg’s Indoor snow hall, partnering fellow British Team Member and two time Olympian Dave Ryding. With our own training lane (a piste, hosed and then injected with water) we were able to focus on Slalom and benefit from consistent conditions.”

With both racers racing on Fischer, this was a great opportunity for both racers to benefit from the consistent conditions and fine tune the skis for the forthcoming season. Geyer commented:  “It was pretty intense but great fun – between us we had 15 pairs of Slalom skis for the camp, trained twice a day for 10 days and completed regular fitness sessions.”

With the season fast approaching Geyer is now back looking for summer for the forthcoming season: “Since returning home my search for support ahead of the 2014/15 season continues. Having now provisionally qualified for 2015 World Championship in the USA, I’m in a race against time to raise funds for Summer/Autumn training and a full winter program. As Britain’s number two in Slalom I am determined to get there.”

If you can help please contact his father on adriansuegeyer@ (please delete the space between the @ and msn – done to stop spamming of the account!)