Poth extends his dominance on the indoor slopes

If any more proof was needed of his dominance of the racing at the weekend was needed, then Robert Poth underlined his potential with victory in the European Championships in Castleford. Comfortably fastest on both runs, Poth had a … winning margin of over a second from Robert Trebilcock and his older brother, Daniel, took third as Hemel took all three places on the Men’s Overall podium. James Alldridge took fourth and the top five was complete by Ross Taylor who produced a much improved performance from the previous day.

Such was Robert Poth’s dominance of the racing in this race, his older brother commented that he was just too far ahead for the rest of the field. Poth is one of the leading racers in his age group out on the snow and with his fast feet, tight line and determination, he showed just why he is thought of so highly by those in the sport. This was the standard that the rest of the field now need to attain, the bar has been raised.

With the first run causing many of the less experienced racers to think about their line and how to get the most from inspection, the importance of setting up right for the first gate was lost on many. Those that took a slightly wider and rounder line into the first gate managed to hold their speed through the first few gates that were set quite tight. From there they managed to carry the speed through the rest of the course. For many it was a learning curve, for those that used their head, the rewards were there.

The second run saw the snow deteriorate a little and bumps appeared on the course that saw a number of thrills and spills. Alex Molliex from France (via Manchester) was one to lose winning position in the Master’s age group after sliding out on his inside ski. Molliex got back up but was off the age group podium after being in a winning position.

There were age group wins for Oliver Weeks in the Under 14 age group (10th overall), Rhodri Gale in the Under 16’s (7th Overall), Robert Poth in the Under 18’s (Overall winner), Daniel Poth in the under 21’s (3rd Overall), Robert Trebilcock in the Senior age group (2nd Overall) and Andrew Hjortt in the Masters (16th).

Good racing but a few more of the upper end racers would have given Poth more of a challenge yet hopefully they will see what they have missed out on and take part next year.

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Picture: Robert Poth on his way to victory. Credit Racer Ready, all rights reserved