Alldridge demonstrates why younger races need to raise their game

Amanda Alldridge emphasised the gulf in determination and standard between her and the rest of the field as she followed up her commanding win in the BIGP Round 5 race with an even more emphatic win in the European Indoor Championships at Castleford Snozone. … Nicole Ritchie skied well within herself to take second place with Francesca Lee recovering from her exploits in the previous race to take third. The top five was rounded out by Shannon Potter and Kate Taylor.

If there is one thing that Alldridge has demonstrated in the two races this weekend, some of the rising so called stars on the summer circuit need to raise their level of determination for these races. Alldridge has given them something to wake up and think about as her determination and fight saw her finish over three quarters of a second ahead of Ritchie and the rest further back. Alldridge was comfortably fastest on both runs.

It was sad to see that while the atmosphere for many of the racers was what they were there for, the determination and desire seemed to have been pushed out of the way by some of the older and more experienced racers. When this happens, bad habits creep in and it makes raising the bar again later, harder to do. Keeping the focus on the race in hand is so important at this level.

There were age group wins for Shannon Potter (4th Overall) in the Under 14’s; Millie Jackson in the Under 16’s (8th Overall); Francesca Lee in the Under 18’s (3rd Overall); Nicole Ritchie in the Under 21’s (2nd Overall), Amanda Alldridge in the Seniors (Overall winner) and Judy Reid in the Masters (19th).

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