Pery steps into the breach in the Alpine, Speed and Telemark Committee

It has been a turbulent summer for the Alpine, Speed and Telemark committee and following the acrimonious election in June this year, Adrian Pery has stepped up to be the acting Chair of the AST Committee. While the publicity regarding the role of Chair for the committee has gone quiet while lawyers investigate the situation, members of the Alpine group within British Ski and Snowboard have been asking what is happening. … 

Adrian Pery told Racer Ready “there is very little I can say.  The matter of Malcolm Erskine’s dismissal and any subsequent appeal is a matter for due process and the Board and it would be wrong for me to comment on that.”

Pery added: “At a meeting last month I was asked by the all of the Alpine Speed and Telemark committee members if I would stand as the interim chairman of the committee until such time as the results of any appeal and or election of a new chairman are known.  I was happy to help and very much intend to ensure we as committee carry on our business so that competitors do not lose out during these turbulent times.  The Alpine Business Group that was set up in March has done excellent work in recent months to ensure we set the right conditions for the future.  That Group will continue to manage the governing bodies responsibilities for Alpine to ensure that we are organized and function correctly and appropriately.

“Whatever the outcome of appeals or elections we as a committee will work to ensure the athletes do not lose out until the situation is fully resolved.”

So while it may seem that there is a lot of restlessness amongst the members, there is work going on behind the scenes that cannot be discussed in public. Pery informed Racer Ready that the AS&T, in conjunction with BSS, will be addressing the way in which Alpine (and Speed and Telemark) business is communicated in the future.

So while there is no definitive public movement, there are things happening behind the scenes and these will be announced in the future. Watch this space!