To Wear or not to wear back protection.

Maria Hoefl-Riesch on her way to winning in Lake Louise - COPYRIGHT ZOOM AGENCE

Following the increase in head wear protection many skiers are now turning to back protection and many racers are already using it. … 

The big question is why? We can all understand racers, high speeds, greater risks being taken, big falls with high impacts, we have all seen them on the telly and no doubt seen our kids take that ‘moment of glory’, but still many resist the ‘temptation’ to wear a back protector.Many top racers use back protectors and Dainese is high on the wish list, with racers such as Maria Reisch, Christian Deville,Svindal and Lyndsey Vonn to name a few. Chemmy Alcott is one of the UK’s top racers using Dainese protection.

The current range of protection available is huge, and Dainese is working on major new projects with both racers, FIS and everyday skiers to produce equipment that is both functional and comfortable.

For the high speed events there is the Action and Wave collection, an articulated hard outer shell, which helps to distribute those high energy knocks over a larger surface area, and then there is the ‘soft range’, made from Crash Absorb memory retention material, ideal for general skiing and those racers who are concentrating on the technical events, and are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A classic quote from a very good skier was ‘I never wear any sort of protection’ He ended up wearing the Soft back protector and forgot that he was wearing it till at the end of the day he called up the rep to apologise that he had taken it with him!! The misconception that back protectors are uncomfortable is just not true. They are very comfortable, give protection against objects on the slopes, ranging from stones to skis and of course for the racers in poles and dare I say it Dendix!!! Not only is there back protection available but Dainese also have helmets, shin guards and arm guards available in a multitude of different configurations

Dainese is working to produce an air bag system which many racers will be using in the high speed events in the near future. So if you want more information on the Dainese range visit to see what is available and for where you can get it please call Scott on 07808028823 or Russell on 07925 572298

Picture: Maria Hoefl-Riesch Credit: ZOOM AGENCE