A storm in a Coffee Cup? Fighting for the future of the sport


Passion for the sport is something that the new Chair of the Alpine, Speed and Telemark committee, Malcolm Erskine has in abundance. Erskine, a former racer in the Downhill on the World Cup wears his heart on his sleeves and is fighting for the sport that he (and so many of us) loves. Having guided many top British racers through the system, including many of the British Team athletes, through the British Ski Academy, Erskine is fighting to save the sport. With this in mind he has asked Racer Ready to publish the following information. Being passionate about the sport ourselves, we are happy to. … 

“I stand accused by the BSS chairman and chief executive, John Brewer and Dave Edwards, of breaching the BSS code of conduct. In the interests of transparency, I am forced to make public my defence.

Before the BSS elections John Brewer promised us that there would be scrutiny from an independent invigilator, a member of the BOA’s legal team. On being refused the election result figures by Messrs Brewer and Edwards, I appealed to this invigilator. Surely he would bring his legal experience and independent influence to bear. Instead, on being asked for the figures, he wrapped up his refusal with the following weasel words: “My role was specifically to verify the counting of the vote for the election and I am satisfied that the counting of the ballots papers reflects the results which has (sic) been announced. It is entirely a matter for BSS and it’s (sic) members to satisfy all other rules and regulations relating to the elections have been followed and I am not in a position to comment on such rules and regulations. Please could you ensure all further queries relating to the voting procedures are directed to the relevant people within BSS.”

No British-trained lawyer would dream of conniving with Brewer and Edwards to conceal the results. Hence my privately addressed, indignant response to the invigilator: “My understanding is that you were appointed by the legal team of the British Olympic Association to invigilate this vote. Yet you are unwilling to divulge the number of votes cast or carry out spot checks? Are you actually a member of the BOA’s legal team or do you just make the coffee? Please put me in touch with your line manager.”

Because the invigilator has now made an issue of and thereby aired this personal insult, Edwards and Brewer are mounting a campaign of fog to distract from the BSS members still not having received the election figures. Tonight I stand accused of breaching the BSS code of conduct. I consider their offence far greater than my trivial, private and deserved insult. Particularly since it now transpires that the invigilator in fact works closely with Dave Edwards in the offices at Charlotte Street.

Surely every member of the BSS should support my demand for transparency from the top brass. In Schedule 2 of the BSS Mem. & Arts., paragraph 5, it is stated that information should be restricted “only when the wider public interest clearly demands”.  One wonders what is going on in Charlotte Street. What are they afraid of? Do they have a shredder?

I appeal to all Alpine enthusiasts to sign up. Join the BSS if you care for the future of GB Alpine. Attend the AGM. Let’s see if we can pass some serious resolutions. We’re fighting for our sport.”

Malcolm Erskine

Picture of Dougie Crawford, Credit ZOOM AGENCE

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