Gower wins British Junior Downhill title

Jack Gower produced a performance worthy of being called British Junior Downhill Champion in winning the British Junior Downhill title. … While he may not have been the fastest man down the hill, Gower was determined to put in a better run that saw him take third overall in the Senior Downhill. Dougie Crawford again posted the fastest time down the hill with an improved run by TJ Baldwin taking second fastest and Andoran Marc Oliveras third fastest down the hill With all three being seniors, Gower in fourth took all the plaudits for the race win, both internationally and amongst the British. Billy Major was second and Max Baggio third joined Gower on the British junior podium.

“I am very happy with my performance today. Yesterday was a good day, but I wasn’t satisfied with the way I skied. Today I stepped things up, and although I made a few mistakes which cost me, I am a lot happier. When you are pushing that’s what happens in ski racing,” explained Gower after the race.

Gower is a much more focused racer this year. His attention to detail this season is immense and it is showing in the results that he is achieving. Gower is no longer content with just placing on the podium but now wants the race win and being number 1. It will not be long before the nineteen year old is challenging Crawford and Baldwin for the race win in the speed events. Gower has the technical skills from the GS to be able to carve the high speed turns plus he has the backing behind him to be a threat on the international scene for as long as he wants it. The fact that there is no speed programme at the moment within the British Ski and Snowboard set up will not concern him too much as he has his own programme.

While Gower has the attributes to go far, he is raising the bar for the rest of the Junior racers. To be best in Britain is a nice accolade to have but racers should be striving for more than that. Many of the young racers have now started to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. The high qualification criteria for the last Winter Olympics have had a knock on effect with the athletes realising that there are no easy paths to be had. The depth of talent in the speed fields has been disappointing but many of the junior athletes have chosen not to race in the speed programme and with the Junior Super G being combined with the Super Combined in the morning, it almost seems that it is arrivals day in Meribel.

If only the weather can stay favourable for the next ten days. British Ski and Snowboard, the Championship organising Committee and Meribel have done a great job with the Championships thus far, now if the weather will play ball, the memories will stay in the memory long and hard!

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Pictures from the racing are available on www.racer-ready.ifp3.com

Picture: Jack Gower approaching “A Nets” on his way to victory in the Delancey British Alpine Junior Downhill. Credit RACER READY Day four at The Delancey British Alpine Ski Championships from Racer Ready Ski-Magazine on Vimeo. Highlights from the british junior downhill race. Honor Clissold and Jack Gower starred in the race if you weren’t there you missed out on an excellent downhill course!