Clissold takes top spot in Junior Downhill

Honor Clissold may only be 16 years old but in taking the British Junior Downhill Title in Meribel, the Yorkshire racer who has spent the season training with Evolution has put herself up there with the older racers. … Clissold is not the biggest racer but used her technique and guile to post the fastest British time in the National Junior Championship Downhill. Second place amongst the British was Cara Brown and Darcie Mead took third.

“I have not done many downhills but I really wanted to do well today,” Clissold explained after the race. “When I first looked at this downhill it was quite daunting, it is quite a fast downhill. Coming down the Stade at the end when you are tired and your legs are tired and you are out of breath was really hard.” Clissold added “It is a really good feeling to be Junior Champion and quite unexpected.”

While Cara Brown has been on the podium every day of the Championships this year, she had been hoping for the top step amongst the British Juniors but overcame her nerves and fears to attack the Stade and make it through to the Finish after having crashed spectacularly in the finish in the Senior Downhill.

The future of the sport in the UK is promising and it has been great to see the desire of the young racers to attack this World Cup Women’s downhill course. While it would have been good to see a larger field of British racers, you can only beat those in the race. Natalia Harte was the fastest British girl on the course but as a Senior there were no prizes on offer for her. Chemmy Alcott decided not to race. With great course conditions and superb support from the ESF in Meribel, this was a huge opportunity for all aspiring speed racers in the British programme to get two downhills under their belt.

Clissold was second last down and Brown was last yet the two of them produced two of the best runs in the Junior race. The race was won by Jennifer Piot (who scored 16.54 FIS points) with Romane Miradoli being the fastest Junior time in second overall with Estelle Alphand in third and Marie Marchand-Arvier in fourth.

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Picture of Honor Clissold on her way to winning the Junior Downhill title. Credit RACER READY

Day four at The Delancey British Alpine Ski Championships from Racer Ready Ski-Magazine on Vimeo.

Highlights from the british junior downhill race. Honor Clissold and Jack Gower starred in the race if you weren't there you missed out on an excellent downhill course!