Technical issues cannot dilute the smiles on the minis in Bormio

There were technical issues but the Combi Course provided its usual thrills, spills and loads of smiles! The mix of … GS gates, stubbies, banked turns and the all important jump at the finish gave the hard charging stars of tomorrow plenty to think about on both the runs that they did. Despite the technical difficulties that were encountered at the last minute, the smiles on many of the young racers at the bottom was great to see. Although it was noted that people were disappointed that the race had to adjusted from electronic timing to handheld, this was a last minute problem that could not be helped, the commentary at the bottom helped to keep the parents and siblings entertained!

So who won? Daisi Daniels and Sophie Foster got into the Olympic Spirit and posted the exact same time on the first run and with best time to count it was all to play for the on the second run, Daniels took the best time on run two but the pair shared the win with Siena Horton in third in the girls Under 12 category. In the Boys under 12 category, the win was taken by Ted Slade ahead of Joe Christey and Seamus O’Brien.

Isla Ward beat sister Erin in the under 10 age group with Matilda O’Brien in third. In the boys race, max Laughland took the win with Markus Kadrinka second and Alex Ogden in third.

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Picture of Daisi Daniels, Copyright RACER READY