Lightfoot places 75th in the Biathlon 7.5KM sprint

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Amanda Lightfoot finished 75th in the women’s 7.5km sprint after missing two targets in the prone and one in the standing. With only the top 60 qualifying for the 10KM pursuit event, Lightfoot will now focus on the individual event. … 

In Biathlon the racers are drawn randomly and Lightfoot started immediately after eight-time World Champion Tora Berger. What did Lightfoot feel about this? “It didn’t really affect me, it was better that she was in front of me than behind me. Everyone is fully focussed at the start and it is just you and yourself getting ready to start the race. There is generally no conversation, a couple of good looks here and there but that is generally it.”

How did she feel about missing out on the pursuit? “I will have a bit more of a build up towards the individual. I will have a bit more training leading up to it and hopefully it will go really well. I am psyched actually; I can’t wait for another race.”

Lee Jackson finished 67th in the men’s biathlon 10km sprint in a time of 27:07.8 minutes with one missed target in the standing shooting range. He needed to be in the top 60 to reach Monday’s 12.5km pursuit. Jackson commented that “The hills are so steep, I have done some hard sessions on the course in the week leading up to racing but racing on it is something different. It is so fatiguing, there is no recovery, it is tough and I have got double to do in the individual, which will be fun.”