Raposo raises his game to racing in Europe

Charlie Raposo has spent the last few years racing in America as he combined his schooling with his racing. This year he has come back to Europe with his Global Racing teammates and has noticed the improved standard of racing in Europe. With his latest result, third … place in a Junior Giant Slalom in Wiesing, Austria, Raposo is pleased. Talking after the race, Raposo commented “I’m pumped with the result. Although I may not have scored, I am right up there.” With a lot of exciting young Austrians racing in the same race, this is a powerful result for Raposo in terms of position and who was in the race. Raposo added “and beating, some of the Austrian development team.”

Raposo has as he says himself raced around the World, he was in the GB European Youth Olympics last season yet he has never been one to shy from hard graft or taking the challenge to others. As a young racer fresh into FIS racing he looked at what kit he needed for his racing and put together a sponsorship pack that was both appealing to the industry and would help them and him. The end result was that he sorted kit out for himself and then back up his statements in his pack to sponsors with results. Seventeen year old Raposo now is scoring points under thirty in FIS races and backing up the results he scored last year in America with the scores in the same area now he is back in Europe: “It also feels great to be skiing my points over here in Austria. I have raced all over the world and here in Austria is the hardest racing you can find. You have to want it so bad and you have to go so hard to ski fast here. If you hold back one bit, you will find yourself getting crushed!”

With his Global racing teammates, Raposo is heading in the right direction.

Wiesing GS FIS Result