Make struggling into your ski boots first thing in the morning a thing of the past!  Do you find it painful and difficult to bend and slide your foot into your ski boots?  Well Booteze is the simple, effective and highly affordable answer that helps you save your energy for the slopes and not use it up in the boot room! … 


Booteze does exactly what it says and enables you to put your boots on with minimum effort by allowing your foot to easily slide into your ski boot.  Simply insert it inside the rear of your boot before putting it on and pull it out with the grab handle as your foot slips down into the boot. The slippery surface of Booteze reduces friction between your sock and the inner lining of the boot allowing your foot to slide down with limited effort.

You no longer need to suffer the frustration of bending, pushing and forcing your feet into stiff rigid plastic boots – let Booteze do the hard work instead!

Take a look at the video to see how easy it is:

Inventor Peter Levelle, himself an avid skier, came up with the idea when on a ski holiday and noticed several other holiday makers experiencing difficulty with their boots when preparing to leave the chalet.  He comments, “I had that lightbulb moment when I thought to myself, there must be an easier way to put boots on and started to experiment with some Booteze prototypes. The product took two years to test and develop and the end result is a patented design that is tough, strong and can be used over and over again.  It provides a very simple and painless solution to a very common problem.”


Booteze is available this winter season through Snow + Rock stores nationwide @ £5rrp or can be purchased online at