Gower raises bar with sub 20 point GS Result in Loveland

Jack Gower on his way to winning the British Giant Slalom Title in 2013

Jack Gower scored his second best career GS result on Sunday 24 November with a sub twenty FIS point result as … he came in 23rd in the second of two Nor Am Giant Slaloms. Gower, whose only better GS result was scored in winning the GS at the Delancey British Alpine Championships GS in March, raised his game in the second run to better the time of race winner Dustin Cook. Gower was also third Junior and took his place on the podium for this! (Click here).

In the Europa Cup Women’s races in Levi, Alex Tilley managed to qualify for the second run in the first of two Europa Cup Slalom races, finishing in 56th spot.

Loveland Nor Am results

Levi Europa Cup results