Levi Men’s Slalom coverage – it will not make you happy

The best three skiers in Soelden - Copyright Zoom Agence

After the mess that was the Men’s first run in Soelden, Eurosport apologised in an email to Racer Ready and explained that the over running of a Live Event earlier in the day caused the problem: … “Unfortunately, due to the MotoGP qualifying overrunning, all subsequent programming on Saturday morning was delayed which meant we had to join the Alpine Skiing later than planned.

We understand the frustration of viewers and apologise for any disappointment caused. British Eurosport shows a high volume of live programming, and unfortunately due to the nature of live events they are often hard to predict when they might finish. This is what leads to programmes overrunning and therefore the schedule becoming disrupted and programmes starting at times which were not originally scheduled.”

After that news comes that the second run of the Men’s Slalom in Levi will not be broadcast live. Eurosport have sent this to Racer Ready: “Please note that we are not showing the second run of the men’s slalom on Sunday due to a schedule clash but it will be live on the Eurosport Player via the bonus channel (without commentary).”

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If you wish to complain to Eurosport about this, you need to email UKcomms@eurosport.com

Sunday 17 November

0845-1015 LIVE men’s slalom first run from Levi on British Eurosport HD
1730-1830 Men’s slalom highlights from Levi on British Eurosport HD