Project Chile – The RAF Ski Team helping out one of their sponsors!

G-­‐SHOCK Premium are excited to launch ‘Project Chile’, a film featuring the RAF Ski team hitting the dramatic slopes of Chile’s Nevados de Chillán whilst demonstrating the toughness of the G-­‐SHOCK Aviator range.

As sponsors of the RAF ski team, … G-­‐SHOCK, the premium watch brand from Casio, followed the team to Chile and the extreme and hostile conditions of Nevados de Chillán earlier this year. A group of volcanoes located in the Andes in the Bío Bío region of Chile is viewed as the ultimate training ground for ski teams to really test their speed on the slopes. To watch the film, click here

A specialised production team joined G-­‐SHOCK Premium in creating their biggest film campaign to date; including three teasers, an advert and a two-­‐minute sports film. The advert is to be launched in cinemas nationwide from 8th November .

“Ski racing might seem an unusual activity for the RAF, but it develops all the qualities we look for in our people,” Squadron Leader Bruno Wood says. “Qualities such as leadership, teamwork, mental strength, physical courage, dedication and determination.”

“For a pilot, a watch isn’t just an accessory, it’s an essential daily tool,” says Nathan Jones, one of the pilots who undertook the most recent trip to Chile. First among these requirements is a watch that’s totally accurate. The ability to change to different time zones quickly and easily when flying all over the world is also a must. Here, the latest launch in the range, the G-­‐SHOCK GW-­‐A1100, delivers in spades.

Other features include multi-­‐band atomic timekeeping, an instant compass function to navigate through air, sea or city, shock and water resistance to 200m and a super-­‐tough movement with the hands correcting themselves as needed. The GW-­‐A1100 is a watch that is built to withstand extreme conditions.

The GW-­‐A1100 retails for £500 at Casio London or on Casio Online.
The G-­‐SHOCK Premium Project Chile campaign launches on 8th November, to find out more about this project as well as see behind the scenes footage and images please visit www.g-­‐ 

G-­‐SHOCK have proudly sponsored the RAF Ski Team since 2009. Working closely with the G-­‐SHOCK design team in Japan, the RAF Ski Team helped develop the specifications for a collaborative pilot’s watch that inspired the Aviator range.