Olympic Preview: Bobsleighs, Sochi and 5 New Events

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Just a few months away now, the 2014 Olympics are already in the news, Jessica Socheski gives an insight to some of the Olympic News. The Olympic torch made its way to outer space for the first time. And back here on earth, the athletes are already in pre-games training. While some athletes remain in preseason routines at home, others are scoping out Sochi.

Bobsledders are allowed up to 20 runs during their allotted on site training time during November. And during training, reports FoxSports.com, medal hungry athletes are catching Olympic fever.

British Bobsleigh Driver Returns from Recovery. After sustaining a ruptured Achilles back in August, British bobsleigh pilot John Jackson is anxious to get “back on the ice.” With traditional surgeries taking anywhere from 6 to 12 months to fully heal, the February games would have proved out of the question. But a cutting edge surgery made it possible for Jackson to get back to his bobsleigh much sooner. He told BBC Sport that it’s been about 12 weeks since his operation, and he’s already planning to return without missing the November qualifying rounds. Doctors commented that Jackson is making a rapid and “phenomenal” recovery.

And Jackson is anxious to make it to the February games in Sochi to earn “a chance of banishing the memories of Vancouver, where the two-man and four-man teams both crashed.” But things look promising. He led the four-man team to a fifth finish in the 2013 World Championships.

Will Sochi Be Ready? Of all the snowy places available in Russia, Sochi is an interesting choice. A subtropical region, it sits near the Black and the Caucasus Mountains and has been known more as a summer resort in the past. But leaders hope to transform it into a year round destination pending the incredible construction which has soared past its $50 billion budget in preparation for the Olympics.

But with less than 90 days until the opening ceremony, officials are confident that Sochi will be ready to welcome the world. Now all it has to do is hope for cool weather.

New Events Several new events will make their Olympic debut in Sochi this February, according to Olympic.org. Here’s the list.

1. Ski Halfpipe for Men and Women A “complement” to the fairly young events of freestyle ski cross and snowboard halfpipe, ski halfpipe works when individual competitors perform routines that include: •twists •flips •jumps •and other creative maneuvers Judges score based on the difficulty, height and take-off quality.

2. Women’s Ski Jumping This individual event will join the corresponding men’s competition. It takes place on a normal hill.

3. Biathlon Mixed Relay The biathlon combines skiing and shooting. In this mixed relay four athletes, two male and two female, compete together in a series of races. The women’s is 6km, and the men’s is 7.5km long. Each skier has two shots, one in the prone position (lying down) and one standing. For any target missed, a 150m penalty loop must be completed.

4. Figure Skating Team Event Teams comprised of six skaters (one male individual, one female individual, one pair and one ice dancing couple) will each compete for points. The team with the highest aggregate points will take home the gold.

5. Luge Team Relay With a new racing format, each country’s luge teams, made up of one doubles sled, one women’s singles sled and one men’s singles sled, will run one after the other. The clock will begin with the first sled and will run until the third sled has crossed the finish line.

If you are a true fan who is willing to brave the elements to attend your favorite events or some new ones next year in Sochi, then grab your outerwear jacket and bundle up for what promises to be an exciting 2014 Olympics.

Image from www.justjaredjr.com