Team Walker face race against time to get to Sochi test

Bobsleigh is all about shaving hundredths off here and hundredths off there to get the fastest time and get that win. Paula Walker is the leading British female driver and knows all about looking for the best line and getting the best out of her sled, she is recognised as one of the best drivers … on the fiercely competitive Women’s World Cup Two Man tour yet now faces a race against time to make it to the test session for the Olympics. The Sochi track is one of the newest and getting to learn all the turns and straights so that come the Olympics in February, she can literally go down the track knowing what to do and when to do it, is vital. Spending as much time on the track is critical and so now faces a race against time to arrange funding to get her sled to Sochi for the last test before the Russians close the track to allow their own crews to use home advantage in time for the Olympics.

The track was built in 2012 and although she and the rest of the team have been down it since, the more experience that she and the rest of the team can get, the better the chances for the Olympics. When small improvements matter, getting the team to the track is vital. With the World Cup starting in Calgary straight after the test session, this really is a race against time for the team, both  two man teams, male and female.

Paula Walker is one of the top ranked drivers on the Women’s circuit and is a realistic contender for a medal in Sochi next February. If you can help, however small, please go to her website and use the paypal donation bit. If you can help, every bit helps please go to

Come on the British Winter sports community….lets support this team, small donations help in every way!