Keeping the competitive spirit alive but having relaxing fun – meet the Zibob!

Zibob® is a sport the whole family can participate in and enjoy and it doesn’t require any training. However, practice makes perfect and it is very addicitve! Zibob® is the world’s first plastic mini sledge with carving qualities. This enables a ride of precision handling and speed that can easily be controlled by the rider. It has been successfully introduced into several countries … including; Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, and Italy. It is proving itself as a definite craze amongst the whole family, so much so, that it is now the first plastic sledge in the world with it’s own Challenge!  “Zibob” will soon become a household name within the snow sports arena.Edward Zibob Green2

The main advantages of Zibob are the safety aspects; children and adults all love the adrenalin buzz, so they are great for ski/snow holidays (less than 3kg’s and small enough to go as hand luggage or in a holdall), UK snowfall, kids parties, corporate away days/events, fun for the whole family, competitors and can be marketed towards many different target groups. Zibobs cater for every ability too, from young children whizzing down a slope, to serious professionals entering the Worldwide Challenges and mastering the handling to an art- everyone is able to have fun on a Zibob at any level. This is encouraging more people to become involved in Snow Sports. It also is good for children and nervous adults as an introduction to the snow; to build their confidence in speed and become familiar with travelling on snow. This is aiding people into moving onto skiing and snowboarding. The Zibobs are made for snow but also withstand the friction of dry slopes; Dendix, Perma-snow and Snowflex. They are fast, fun, very robust and are currently being tested/ordered by various dry slopes and snow centres prior to our official UK launch.

zibob 2