Cognisess Sport and PGIR Announce Exclusive Three Year Partnership to Push UK Sport Forwards

BritainÂ’s athletes could soon get the next generation of scientific help to improve their performance ahead of major competitions such as the 2014 Football World Cup and 2015 Rugby World Cup thanks to a new partnership revealed recently.

Bath (UK) based cognitive and emotional training experts, Cognisess and sports performance company, PGIR have announced an exclusive three-year deal which will see PGIR become CognisessÂ’ exclusive channel partner for sport in the UK. … 

As part of the agreement, PGIR will promote and help to commercially develop Cognisess Sport with national bodies and agencies, professional and amateur clubs, brands, organisations and throughout local communities – encouraging young people to get involved in a sport.

Neuro-scientific research has proven that superior cognitive skills such as attention and awareness, decision-making, anticipation, pattern memory, information processing and perception are essential in gaining a crucial competitive edge at every level of sport.

Cognisess Sport uses ‘gaming software’ that constantly adapts in real time, based on the way a user is responding. Players and their coaches can access their individual training resource and complete regular assessments anywhere and at any time. Templates and benchmark scores can be viewed and analysed in a secure online area, matching and ranking individual results against other teams, positions and player scores.

This process allows training methods and performance targets to be instantly refined to ensure continued smooth progress, helping push BritainÂ’s next generation of sporting stars to even greater heights.

For teams such as the winning 2003 England World Cup squad, Cognisess Sport enables sporting organisations to identify and develop ‘winning’ profiles and then screen an entire squad or group of players to select members whose profiles show the closest fit to excellence.

Commenting on the partnership announcement, Christopher Butt, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognisess said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with John and PGIR. The team brings considerable energy and expertise to Cognisess Sport and we anticipate, with the increased profile of the Rugby and Football World Cups in the next couple of years, a real opportunity to build our brand in the UK sports market.”

“John’s knowledge of the game and his current work with elite athletes – focusing on performance and data management – complement our sport’s applications and we expect a long and successful partnership.”

“Following Cognisess Sport’s successful introduction with professional cricket and rugby clubs in South Africa and Australia, we see the UK market as being key as we roll out the product across Europe and North America.”

John Hall, Managing Director of PGIR said, “I am absolutely delighted to be working with Cognisess and looking forward to a long and successful partnership. The Cognisess platform will add another, very significant string to our bow and broaden our offering to leading Sports organisations in the area of althlete profiling.

About Cognisess

Cognisess is a people analytics Software Company – based in Bath (UK) and San Francisco Bay Area (USA) and partners in Melbourne and Johannesburg; its online applications transform a companyÂ’s understanding and performance of its most valuable asset – people.

The software is designed for organisations to manage critical business functions enabling them to optimise selection and performance. The solution provides for assessment, recruitment screening, performance management, benchmarking and collaborative tools.

Cognisess integrates multiple performance areas (cognitive, social, emotional, wellbeing and personality) to give the broadest assessment of an individualÂ’s potential.

Cognitive neuroscience is re-shaping our view of the brain and Cognisess uses over 40 combined measures to objectively assess performance; and how that performance relates to a personÂ’s ability to do the job effectively.

The software has multiple market solutions including Corporate, Sport, Education, Health and Driving.

About Cognisess Sport

Accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world, Cognisess Sport is a dynamic, integrated resource system that uses interactive games and tasks to measure cognitive, emotional, personality and wellbeing attributes. The interactive tests determine quantifiable differences, making it easy to set benchmarks for personal training sessions. Engaging and challenging, they are designed to fit around busy sporting schedules and usually take under an hour to complete.

The assessments focus entirely on performance rather than relying on what the user might think or say. This means that responses and reactions can never be faked or learned. In fact, athletes and players often donÂ’t realise what is really being tested.

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Information about PGIR

PGIR Limited is a multi-disciplined company run by former England and Bath rugby forward John Hall, operating since 2004.

PGIR has worked closely with the Rugby Football Union for a number of years now and is currently responsible for all aspects of data and analysis in the Professional and Performance departments of the Rugby Football Union

PGIR Limited monitor, collect, capture and process many types of data and media and use it to help organisations make informed, focused decisions on matters of performance.

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