Clarification regarding ski lengths for Under 16 FIS racers

Milka sponsored racer Maria Hoefl-Riesch on her way to winning in Levi last year

With many of the racers entering the realms of FIS racing for the first time, there has been some confusion regarding what the permitted ski lengths are. Many English-NJR-GS-NM-22413racers will have sorted out what skis they want and will now be looking anxiously to see what this is all about. … It seems that a mistake from the FIS regulations from last year, the error was apparently in last year’s published rules, where the asterisk allowing the tolerance for U18s was omitted. Racer Ready understands that while this admission may not please those that have already bought and received and in many cases used skis, the view of some at FIS is that the longer skis that have been bought will actually be quicker.

So what are the rule lengths? For all racers the ski length is 165cm for FIS slaloms YET Under 18 male racers in SLALOM, the recent FIS rules publication (30/9/13)  it states U18 men can use 155cm.

To reduce the confusion this is how we see the rules (details taken from the FIS website - )

Discipline Men FIS racing
U14 2014 – 2015 U16 2014 – 2015 U18 U21 SEN Master
Downhill 218**
Super G 175 175 183 183 210** 185*
Giant Slalom 188 <=188 188 <=188 195** 185***
Slalom 130 130 130 > 130 155* 165*
Women FIS racing
U14 2014 – 2015 U16 2014 – 2015 U18 U21 SEN Master
Downhill 210**
Super G 175 175 183 183 205** 180*
Giant Slalom 188 <=188 188 <=188 188** 180***
Slalom 130 130 130 > 130 155
** -5cm tolerance for FIS
* 155cm tolerance for FIS
* Without tolerance in Super G
** GS Skis are permitted in Super G for Masters
*** -5cm tolerance
No length, width or ski radius restriction for Ladies above 55 and Men above 65 years of age

So with Children Super G skis getting longer for next year, this will have a great bearing on what people buy this winter!