Julien Cousineau, member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team since 1998 chooses MAKEACHAMP.com to raise funds towards his team fees.

His dream started at the young age of 2 when his father, also a member of the Canadian Ski team took him out on the slopes for the first time. He then continued his passion and at 17 years old joined the National Ski Team. His first few years were promising earning him a spot on the World Championship Team in 2003.

The beginning challenging road started in 2005 with 3 knee injuries and several surgeries between 2005 and 2008.

Hard work and determination allowed him to regain his spot on the World cup in 2008 and secure a spot in the Slalom at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics where he finished in 8th position.

In 2011 he finished with a 5th place at the World Championships!

Another injury in 2012 caused him to miss a portion of the season and affected his world ranking. After a challenging comeback season he must now pay 27,500$ in team fees to be able to continue his career and lifelong dream of standing on the World Cup and Olympic podiums. This is when Julien got in touch with MAKEACHAMP in order to raise funds towards his team fees. People contributing to his campaign can receive perks ranging from a public thank you and an autographed pictured to a day on the slopes with Julien.

“My love for the sport and lifelong dedication have brought me this far, but I now need your help to continue my journey and reach my goal.”



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