New online sports network helps young people find coaching help

It might not be the Wimbledon championship winner but the Grassroots Sports Network wants to hear your greatest sporting achievement whether it’s 50 kick ups, a 20 stroke rally or a great round of golf.

The new network launched this week to bring unique sporting opportunities and chances to young people in the UK regardless of background or location. To mark the launch people are being asked to upload videos and stories showcasing their skills in different sports and sharing the challenges they have overcome “This is not about being the best, but about sharing a love for sport,” said network founder Chris Davis.

The network is about getting people involved in sport and helping them through the ups and downs of training and competition. As a coach of young people, I see different reactions to competition and competitive sport. While some kids embrace the idea of competition others shy away. As you would expect the very good performers usually like competitive games and races more than those who struggle to keep up. This can have a huge impact on a child’s development and enjoyment of sport,” he explained.

“I see how different children approach, learn and get involved in sport. It got me thinking about how I could make the process better and help a few more people. Every child is different and the support they need to succeed and enjoy sport needs to reflect this.”

Through the closely moderated network, young people are offered unique opportunities to help them develop talent and experience a wider sports world. Working with private and public sector organisations members receive exclusive sports opportunities, as well as deals and discounts on equipment, lessons and helpful resources.

Every member can make their own personal requests for help whenever they need it. “Once a request for help is made, others can add their support. We want people to be able to find sporting opportunities and chances outside their existing social circle, regardless of their background or location. By connecting the person making the request to coaches, sponsors, mentors, businesses and individuals we can make sure they get the best possible assistance and opportunities when they really need it,” explains Chris.

“As a teenager I wish I had had a place to go to ask for help. I had some good coaches but I knew I needed more help than I was getting. It wasn’t the coaches fault. They usually had 20 other kids to look after in a short weekly session. We couldn’t afford private coaching so I ended up lost in the system,” said Chris..

The network also acts as a hub for supporting grassroots sports clubs, campaigns and projects, which anyone can add to the site. Members can support local grassroots sports campaigns, sports projects, school initiatives and appeals for participation.

The Grassroots Sports Network is free for young people, organisations, experts, mentors and potential sponsors to register. Sign up at