Andrew Young reaches a new audience – The Americans promote more than the British Media

It seems that the London media frenzy for reporting on Olympic sport has not quite reached the Winter sports. So British athletes will always struggle with reaching the sports pages as most of the competition venues, for most read nearly all, are based abroad and getting a journalist over to the venue and maybe also a photographer, is prohibitively expensive in these value for money driven days. For the British Nordic team, the likes of Andrew Musgrave decided to move their complete life to where the best training conditions would be. Andrew Young, the number two male on the GB Nordic team, he is following the same path, albeit younger than Musgrave and has headed to Norway and is basing himself in Lillehammer, where the 1994 Winter Olympic Games were held.

The American website caught up with Young recently and discussed the lack of coverage that Britain’s Cross Country skiers get, apart from the interest generated by the four yearly cycle of the Olympic Games. This is something Racer Ready will try and change! Musgrave and Young are two hugely promising athletes in a brutal and hard sport.

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