Heading South to race this summer? Have you got the right kit, as per FIS Rules….?

Equipment Update for Southern Hemisphere competition season

Contrary to advice circulated in March, we need to inform you all that the final date set for the introduction of the new ski equipment rules for all FIS races is 1st November 2013.

It has now been confirmed that all Southern Hemisphere race organisers will run their events (FIS, COC, NC and NJC races) under a mixture of old and new ski equipment rules (both types of skis permitted).

You should seek advice from your coaches as to which equipment to take, but since most of you will be travelling to the Southern Hemisphere to train and become accustomed to the new skis prior to the Northern Hemisphere season, you will most probably be well advised to take your new equipment. This will be compulsory from 1st November at all FIS events in the Northern Hemisphere, and race organisers have been advised to ensure strict compliance with the new equipment rules.

It has been confirmed that the new helmet rules are to be introduced from the season 2014-2015 at FIS level. There are considerable improvements in safety with these new helmets, and they are allowed this season. If you get hold of a helmet that conforms to the new specifications you are therefore advised to wear it from now!

As posted by Snowsport England