Want to help support an athlete on the Road to Sochi…?

Despite the euphoria of the post London Olympics the pot that supports Britain’s winter sports athletes is not overflowing with support. Many of the best prospects for medals at the Sochi Games are having to scrimp, save and borrow to make ends meet. Many are back out doing nine to five jobs just to be able to get the pennies together to make the ends meet to live a normal life. Ed Smith is one of the leading skeleton riders in the UK, he competes on the World Cup and is now looking to get into the leading group of riders heading into Sochi. Despite Britain having won Gold in the last Olympics through Amy Williams and silver in Turin with Shelley Rudman, the men’s team is not so well funded.

Ed has looked into this as a challenge and has decided that if he is to make the financial commitment to succeeding in his dream, all avenues have to be looked into. This is where you the reader come into this and can help him! This is how Ed puts it:”You will all be well aware that this is quite an important year for me. The Winter Olympics are now less than 250 days away!

I am unbelievably busy with a hectic training schedule / trying to raise my profile in Bristol & Bath / trying to secure sponsors for the coming season and I am now back working as an electrician trying to keep my head above water.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes – most of which is trying to raise my profile in and around Bristol to help increase my support network and improve my marketability for sponsorship. To start things off, we’ve come up with a little marketing gimmick:

‘Head-First-Ed’ T-Shirts are now available through my website!

How can you help?…..

– If you’d like to support me, click on the link below & get yourself a funky new t-shirt.

– Spread the word! Tell people about Skeleton, about ‘Sochi 2014’ and what I’m aiming to achieve.

– Encourage people to visit the website and buy a t-shirt.

– Encourage people to ‘LIKE’ my athlete page on Facebook or ‘FOLLOW’ me on twitter.

– If you know anyone who might be interested in Sponsorship opportunities – Introduce us!


Most of this only takes 2 minutes of your time and will make a big difference if everyone gets involved. If you’d like some T-Shirts or business cards to pass on, just ask.

Thanks in advance for your support. I’ll leave you in peace now!


Website – http://www.head-first-ed.co.uk
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Head_First_Ed
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HeadFirstEd
Email – enquiries@head-first-ed.com


The t-shirts are good, mine is on order!