Four races, lots of racers and the weather played ball

It was an ambitious programme and required the help of the weather as well as the racers. Four races, two Giant Slalom’s for the girls and a Giant Slalom for the boys as well as a Slalom. This was the final day of FIS racing at the Delancey British Alpine Championships so there was no room for error if the weather did not play. The script was set, the racers knew what was up for grabs: 1 National title for the girls in the Giant Slalom and three Junior National Titles. This was the serious end of the Championships.

By the time the last racer came down the Slalom course, the programme will read that the 2013 Delancey British Alpine Championships managed to complete a full compliment of races: 2 Downhill’s, a Super G, a Super Combined, 2 Giant Slaloms and 2 Slaloms. Closer inspection will show that the races did not all take place on the allotted days but hey, the combined race organisation of the ESF and the British Championships Organisation worked their socks off to make sure the programme was completed. Big Hand!

Colder weather certainly helped and the clear weather gave the racers great visibility. In trying to get the full programme completed, some of the racers gave the organisers a helping hand by not thinking as they came into the ‘A Nets” section and did not read the line well. Many cam in too direct, too fast and crashed out on the new section. frustration being very evident once they had crashed out. This all helped to make the second run shorter with less racers. Alex Tilley stuttered in the slalom yet recovered to win the bronze and again she made a hash of a section yet recovered to go on to win the National Championship Giant Slalom and then added the Junior Title for good measure. Many racers could learn from Tilley and her never say die attitude to her racing. One error does not ruin a run, it just makes her want to try harder. You hear many times of racers saying it is the person who makes the least amount of mistakes that that wins. Tilley made a big mistake on the first run yet was determined enough to want to win the Giant Slalom. To finish first, first you have to finish!

Charlie Guest crashed out on the first race yet recovered to take second in the Junior Championship race with Darcie Mead taking third in both races. Natalie Beattie took second in the National Championship Giant Slalom.

In the men’s race Dougie Crawford took second in the race yet as a Senior was not eligible for prizes. Nick Moynihan had a great final day of the Junior Championships and laid a few ghosts to rest with best GB result in both the Giant Slalom and the Slalom. With the Overall up for grabs, Roy Steudle had to overcome his slalom gremlins to secure the Junior Overall Title after placing second in the Giant Slalom. Steudle skied intelligently to score enough points to deprive Max Baggio of the title. Matt Thompson took third in the Giant Slalom. With a win and two seconds, Steudle needed to score points in the slalom to secure the Overall. Billy Major took second in the slalom with Laurie Taylor taking third.

It was a long day, lots of great racing, a strange course set for the second run in the slalom but at the end of the day, the course was the same for all. Slightly straighter than the first course, it did not rut up as much and made the racers ski some fast slalom. Horses for courses!

With Ambition ending as the Club Champions at the 2013 Delancey British Junior Championships, the races ended with the awards of two discretionary awards to Rachelle Rogers (The Kirsty McGibbon Award) and Jo Morrison being awarded the Craig MacFie Foundation award with Barney Lewis being awarded a discretionary award as well.

Thank you for following the 2013 Delancey British Alpine Championships with us…next up are the Children’s……!