The weather wins in Meribel

It all looked so promising that the National Championship Giant Slalom for Women and the Men’s Junior Slalom would all go off without a hitch. Sadly despite fresh snow falling, the two races were forst postponed and then at 12 O’Clock they were abandoned for the day. During course inspection it became obvious that the snow was too soft on some gates and as a result the courses would need to be salted. Delay upon delay seemed to be the order of the day as the juries for both races waited for the weather to turn to allow salting to take place. By midday the choices were either cancellation in full for the day or try and catch up the races in the morning.

Just prior to midday the Women’s National Championship Giant Slalom was cancelled for the day with just inspection having taken place. While the clouds stayed in place, the coaches were given the choice of trying to move a few gates to get the race started but with the snow around two gates already having started to show signs of breaking up and more not looking too strong, the decision was taken to not risk an injury to the racers. Easter Monday will see the girls racing two Giant Slaloms.

For the men it was not so easy as they have a Giant Slalom planned for the morning and a frantic ring round and look through the rules book to see if the guys could run a slalom and a giant on the same day. While a few coaches wanted to try and run the National Junior Slalom, the vast majority looked at the conditions and decided that it would be too dangerous to run a race. With the decision confirmed that a slalom and Giant Slalom could be run on the same day, just after midday the attempt to race was given up for the day.

And an hour later, what happened? The sun came out. Had the sun come out earlier the course could have been salted and maybe the slalom could have been run. Hindsight is a great thing….!