Guest wins her first National Title in the Super Combined

Charlie Guest made her debut in the 2013 Delancey British Alpine Championships and made her debut count with victory in the Super Combined. The hard weather conditions made it a battle for all the racers as the heavy snow fall made conditions treacherous once you got off the racing line. Add to this the flat light and poor visibility, this made it even harder. Guest won the Super G section convincingly and this put the pressure on the defending National Champion, Alex Tilley, who admitted that she was feeling a little out of sorts in the speed events coming into the race. Alice Macaulay took third place with Darcie Mead taking the Junior Super G title before she crashed out of the Super Combined event on the slalom.

Guest had to play second fiddle to Tilley at the 2012 Delancey Championships in all bar one race. She has started off this season’s championships with a win that is also her first Senior National Title. A very relieved Guest spoke after the race about her strong Super G and how she had felt that it was normally the Super G that would be the domain of Tilley with the Slalom being where she hoped she would pull it back. As it was Guest had an almost two seconds lead over Tilley from the Super G.

With both racers tackling the new A Nets section for the first time, both felt that this was an improvement as it allowed them to carry more speed. Not having raced in the speed events so far this week, others had more experience on this section of the hill yet both racers showed their ability in posting the fastest two British times in the Super G with Mead not that far behind them.

With Guest leading the race after the Super G she was tenth down as leader of the race. With Alex Tilley leading in the finish after a powerful slalom run, Guest suffered the misfortune to have her goggles knocked around her face and the lens to slip out. “I thought here we go again,” Guest admitted after the race but after managing to move them so that she could see, Guest continued at speed and while she lost most of her lead, by the time that she crossed the finish line she still had eight tenths advantage to take her first National Title.

Tilley was very magnanimous in defeat and admitted that she had not felt too confident coming into the race so was happy with second. Alice Macaulay took third after Darcie Mead had crashed out on the slalom section.


Super Combined

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